Let’s talk comfort, not zones but front squats! ?????
Like most things that ‘suck’ at first or are uncomfortable or super difficult, front squats deliver superior results!??
They are amazing to grow massive quads, due to the anterior loading of the bar. Once you’ve mastered the grip (use a grip that suits you and your current mobility/flexibility) that is and not died choking.?
Today I managed to get a PB – 60kg x6, I normally do this session on a Monday however last weekend I was doing my S&C Level 4 practical day and by Monday my legs were shall we say ‘tender’ ?
So after realising I could now use a high forward elbow with finger tips on the bar grip (clean grip) (as my wrist mobility has improved) as discovered last weekend, I thought I’d give that grip a go today instead of my usual cross grip.??
Most people who follow me know I love squatting and I’m beginning to love these the most.????? #frontsquats
Let’s see how far we can push these numbers now I’ve changed my grip.?
If you want to build your quads be sure to add these in to your program ????