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Give yourself permission and the means (yes, this includes the money), to be who you are REGARDLESS OF WHAT ANYBODY ELSE THINKS OR BELIEVES IS POSSIBLE.
Do not deny yourself the life you want to live because you’re worried you’re not good enough or that you’ll be judged or that it’s too risky, because who does that benefit? No one, that’s who.
When you live your life doing the things that turn you on, that you’re good at, that bring you joy, that make you shove stuff in people’s faces and scream, “check this out!!!” You walk around so lit up that you shoot sunbeams out of your eyeballs.?
Which automatically lights up the world around you. Which is precisely why you are here: to shine your big-ass ball of fire onto this world of ours. A world that literally depends upon light to survive.
You are powerful. You are loved. You are surrounded by miracles.
Believe, really believe that what you desire is here and available to you. And you can have it all.


You are a badass ?? – Jen Sincero

So in two weeks time I’ll be doing it all again in LA ?? ??
To say I’m nervous is an understatement ? Had crazy emotions going on this week but it’s safe to say I’m ready to take my best self to that stage, stand tall and proud for the UK ?? to represent them with the pride and honour deserved.??
I’ve worked so hard over these last 15-18th months (post injury), keeping my head down and focusing solely on just ticking the boxes day in and day out, chipping away to bring my best self to each competition ?Me Vs Me
I’m ready to enjoy the whole experience – a once in a lifetime opportunity ?