?Take some time out?

In todays world, our lives are jam packed with things to do, things to think about and things to stress about. I’m sure you, like me, find yourself constantly running from a to b, juggling far too many balls and generally just living on high energy to try and keep up with lifes demands. But with a fast pace and demanding life and career, often we can forget to take a moment out, stop, breathe, get some perspective, just relax ?

I have made a pact with myself that this year i’ll get my ‘wellbeing’ in much better check. I’ll take more time to look after myself, and spend more time doing, well, nothing really.

It can be hard to disconnect and just be a girlfriend, a friend, a sister, a daughter. I actually scheduled my sister into my calendar this week, so that we could have a good blether!?

As much as I love my work and my life, which is really a lot and I have never been happier, I can feel it becoming more stressful, so I’ve taken steps to get it under control and keep loving what I do. I am learning to step back and I have to remember that I am allowed to have a life outside of work. Clients CAN wait a bit for me to respond to their emails, texts, WhatsApp messages.

It is better for your brain and your overall health to step away and have time for YOU.

There’s so many benefits of taking some time out which are too good to be ignored, some of mine are, re energising, gaining perspective, becoming creative, being productive and keeping positive.

Be healthy and be happy, stop making excuses. Take some time out. Dedicate some time to yourself. Not only will you love it, it’ll actually have tons of benefits too.

I’m starting back at yoga ????? next week! Me time!!

Do you take time out for yourself every now and then? What are your favourite ways to escape the day to day grind & relax?