Monday Morning Motivation ???Repost @katemossalike
This photo is about 6 weeks progress from when I really started my journey in January this year and I am a little proud…here’s a bit about my fitness journey so far, maybe some of you can relate? ?? In the past, even though on the outside I was size 6-8 on the inside I was skinny fat with numerous health problems. I was sick of feeling sick all the time. Constant migraines, bloating, cold after cold, low energy levels and lack of concentration were all I knew at that time.
Starting training with Karla and understanding more about how to properly fuel my body with good nutritious foods, allowed me to begin to reverse all my health problems. I now limit man-made carbohydrates, such as bread, pasta, chips and have reduced refined sugars including ‘natural’ sugar like honey as these just don’t make me feel good anymore.
I now focus on locally grown, organic vegetables & grass-fed meat where possible. I love to cook using coconut oil, real butter & plenty of anti-inflammatory herbs and spices. Through the healing properties of food and daily mindfulness I am slowly overcoming my health problems. This new lifestyle changed the way I look at food, stress, relationships and exercise, which I love and am enjoying getting stronger each week in the gym.
Of course, these changes didn’t come easily, and I met a lot of resistance—unfortunate situations knocked me back and I almost quit for a while.
Want to say a huge thank you to @karlaevanspersonaltraining can’t thank you enough for helping me to keep going even when I quit I came back in January because of you! Thank you for educating me so I finally understood what I’ve been doing wrong all these years! I healed at the gym and continuing to get stronger and leaner and more focused each week. I am finally at point in my life where I feel amazing and never want to go back to that dark horrible place of ups and downs and constant pain, sickness and depression.
I would like to thank @voltgymuk for never making me feel stupid or uncomfortable when I train at the gym, for the laughs for the amazing playlists ?and for being the best gym ever! ??????