Well there is officially 86 days till Christmas ?? ? (my favourite time of the year! I love the food, warmth of family and friends & I can’t wait till I can put my tree ? up, yep that’ll be happening on 1st December ?) and 92 days left of 2018, think back to the beginning of the year, did you set yourself a goal? Say you’d do or change something in your life, fitness, health, work, relationship, house, or even just your hair colour – have you achieved your goals?

I know I didn’t set out at the beginning of the year to stand on stage ?? ?? (3 weeks out now till the UK & International Finals Eeeeekkkkk!! I had discovered gin ? , moved house ? , left my full time job so I was pretty hectic and loving life ?? (which I still do now, even with limited food ?) However as the year went on my goals changed and that is ok, goals, life etc changes and don’t always go to plan but that is life.

What changes can you implement over the next 92 days, create new habits to smash the rest of 2018.

I’m interested to know – write it down make yourself accountable – even if it’s something as simple as drinking 1L extra of water a day, starting your day off with a positive thought, reading a book you’ve been meaning to read all year, whatever it may be make it happen you have 92 days!!!! I know I’ve still got some goals to tick off myself before the year is out! ???