They did it! They friggin did it!!!!! ?? ????? #proudcoach #Repost @kirsty_bing with @get_repost
What better way to celebrate 20 years of friendship than climbing killimanjaro!?
It’s safe to say we absolutely smashed it.
Although this trip has been the absolutely BEST thing I’ve ever done, it was also absolutely GRUELLING. Mentally and physically. Typically @stephgemson and I blagged the guides to do our route faster, so after checking with the boss they reluctantly agreed, with absolutely no faith in us. No one did. We even got nicknamed “the iron ladies” from other camps when people heard what we were attempting to do! But we did it, of course we did. We completed the killimanjaro northern circuit 3 days early. Our guide who has climbed Killi 5000 times has never seen or heard of it before. It is just all so surreal, we are still in pure shock at what we have just been through.
There is no one in the entire world I would have rather have shared this incredible experience with, Steph is truly amazing and as always an absolute laugh a minute. My cheeks hurt more than anything else. She is my rock, and together we can literally conquer anything ?? we make an absolute dream team.
Shout out to @lashesbyjorden too ?? your lashes stayed on right to the top and back down so at least we looked half decent sometimes ??
Big thanks to @karlaevanspersonaltraining for smashing my legs to bits in the gym these last few months in preparation, you the best ??
Just want to say thanks to all my wonderful clients too, without your continued loyalty I wouldn’t be able to embark on such adventures. There isn’t a moment where I’m not eternally grateful for your custom, I owe you the incredible life I live ? and I also mega appreciate you coming at like 9pm on a Saturday or 6am on a Sunday so I can squeeze you all in before I leg it for my plane ??
P.s being silly up Killi makes you totes emosh and write really long posts when you ever normally post anything ever. FYI.