Paused deadlifts felt damn good today, partly because of the people I was surrounded with. Make sure you are with people who support and respect what you are trying to achieve. Energy is contagious, whether positive or negative.

Today I had no knee wraps (@smithstrength1 you owe me) on protecting my shins ? and I decided to give the over under hand grip a go whilst doing my paused deadlifts as I normally struggle (just with the bar ripping my hands to bits) but if we are looking to compete I have to learn.?

The over under grip is popular (as is the hook grip but I like being some what of a girl and can’t do it with my nails on ??) in the powerlifting community. Not sure the exact science behind this but most people are stronger when they place their dominate hand palm up on the bar and the other palm down.

And today this felt great and my sets felt easy ?????

Great session with the big boys @voltgymuk @smithstrength1 @cmfitness1 @corey_martindale_ (you’ll be up there with me soon buddy on the leg press ??)