Better to be the one who smiled than the one who didn’t smile back?

I was out walking Tia ? this morning a little earlier than normal, so it was full on rush hour. ? ? ?
I decided I’d still do my normal route even though I knew it would be busier, with commuters and school traffic.

Happily listening to a podcast ? , taking in the morning air and enjoying watching the world around me rushing to work, school and going about their daily morning lives.

I live in a semi rural area, so we were having to step aside to allow cars through the single track lane, I smiled at each car that passed only to start realising that not many were saying ‘thank you’ ?? or even smiling back, they were so grumpy, maybe because they had to slow down for me, maybe because they were rushed, maybe because they’d had a nightmare getting out of the house with the children etc who knows but I’d say 80% of the cars that passed me, never said thank you for me stepping aside and waiting until they had driven past or even cracked a smile.?

It costs nothing to smile and show someone that love and appreciation for what they have just done for you.

Today make that effort to smile at each person you pass, have contact with, be it someone you know or a stranger.

You never know it may just brighten their day??

Anyone who knows me, knows I usually have a smile on my face , morning, noon or night, either that or a yawn ? ??

Go on give it a go! Smile ? at people, see how it makes you feel ? and even them when they hopefully smile back!